The campaign centers on everyday heroes who embody the spirit and values of the brand and the characteristics that make them unique. My job in all these pieces focused on being the Assistant editor and some minor VFX work.
After enrolling in the military and losing his legs in Afghanistan, Chris managed to not let himself be put down, he overcame this adversity and came out stronger because of it. ​​​​​​​
Lisa Cusimano shares her story about becoming a Firefighter and a first responder, joining her Father and brothers in this nobel job, normally seen as a "Mans world".​​​​​​​
Michael Cottone shares his story about adopting Vincent, his first child, and about learning 
how family is a true gift
Shares her story of being an orphan in Sierra Leone and considered a "Devils child" due to her vitiligo, She overcame all obstacles and is now a successful and famous ballet dancer.
Victoria Arlen
After spending four years locked in a vegetative state, Victoria continues to defy the odds, believing that anything is possible.
Zach Skow
After hitting rock bottom Zack found sobriety through the love he has for his rescue dogs. Today, Zach finds purpose in helping give second chances to shelter animals.
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